Phillip seeing Melanie kiss Nathan

Ok....when Phil saw Mel kiss Nathan, did he ever confront her?   is that when she came up with that idiotic excuse that she was telling him goodbye?  or is that the reason she gave Nathan as to why she kissed him?  i really cant stand her much anymore, I was liking her for a long while,  but she's getting on my last nerve like she is with many of you.   I'd actually rather see Chloe than Mel.   Ever since she got together with Phillip it seems like she's unbearable.  ugh.   I wish they would bring up the fact that it was Daniel that she was having the affair with when she was with Lucas. and she didnt sleep with him when she was married did she?  I dont think so.  Daniel was the one ALWAYS pursuing her.  noone ever brings that up.  even Nathan doesnt bring it up. it's all Chloes fault.  

By the way I think Chloe looks gorgeous,  I think that dress  compliments her very well.