Spoilers for week of Dec. 14 and some others.

Hope won't be home (with Bo) for Christmas?


- EJ receives a note from the kidnapper
- Mia is extremely upset when she sees Chad and Gabi slow dancing
- Arianna inadvertently drives Brady back to Nicole.
- Melanie accepts Philip's proposal
- Stefano tries to make peace with EJ.
-Melanie sees Nathan and Stephanie kissing.
-Abe, Lexie and Theo share a family moment.

EJ interrupts a moment between Arianna and Brady; Chloe visits Nicole in jail.

EJ, Rafe and Sami confront Kate; the mystery woman receives a shocking call.

Brady helps Nicole get a better lawyer; the mystery woman resets her motive for taking Sydney.

Bo and Hope agree to have the Horton Christmas at Alice's; Julie presses Bo and Hope to get back together.

Sami prays for Sydney's safe return; Philip announces his engagement with Melanie.


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Justin makes a discovery about Carly and Daniel

Sami wants to trap Stefano into admitting that he has Sydney

Nicole remembers something about her attack

Bo worries about Carly's permanent move to Salem

Chloe asks Brady to visit Nicole in jail

Nicole receives a surprise visit from Rafe

Stefano attacks Sami

Nicole tries to convince Rafe that she is telling the truth

Victor has a warning for Brady

Melanie and Philip go on a date

Sami tells Will to go ahead with his plans to take Mia to the dance

Rafe surprises Sami

Brady confronts Victor

Hope and Bo have an argument

Arianna and Brady fight about E.J.

Carly makes a horrifying discovery

Rafe questions Stefano

Future spoilers:

Melanie accepts Philip's proposal

Two Salem residents go to jail

Rafe finds info about the kidnapper from Nicole, who remembers the boots of the person who attacked her at the bus station. When Stefano is in jail, Rafe gets the guard to give him truth serum in his water and after a little talk, Rafe learns Stefano had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

Melanie is Carly's daughter

Melanie witnesses Nathan and Stephanie kissing.

E.J. interrupts Brady and Arianna.

Philip announces his engagement to Melanie.

Bo and Hope agree to have Christmas at Alice's house.
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