Winter thoughts

 After watching the promos- which were really good btw! A few things came to mind that I wanted to share

1) Victor and Maggie may be my new "super-couple"....we need a touch of the "old" Days, and I am not referring to their ages. Victor and especially Maggie are staples of the show. Without Alice or Marlena, and with Caroline just being a makes since to have Maggie involved in a love story. I like the idea of her with Victor, she makes him softer,kinder and  more likeable. This story-line has TONS of potential as opposed to the forced stories they have been shoving down our throats.

2) Sami and Rafe's wedding...not that I don't like the characters-- but I am ready for a REAL Days wedding. I want that same "Bo and Hope" you CAN NOT miss the wedding of the these two. The promos look like it will just be another quickie wedding in the park, i.e. Daniel and Chloe. Why not a big wedding? I know the reply is going to be budget...but a girl can hope can't she? ;)

3) Jennifer is back in town. So I guess this means Jack is not in the picture. Two feelings about this one....I'll miss the comedic acting and them as a couple. The other emotion is that I love Melissa Reeve's and her acting skills. So this may be an opportunity for a new storyline, a new couple, something fresh going on in Salem....if the writers dont screw it up.

4) Sami and EJ fighting over custody of the kids. Boring. Not thrilled about this at all. 

5) Chad. They are going to have to give him some "zip" or his storyline will be another snooze-fest. Stefano is a fertile thing isn't he?  The actor who plays Chad is good...just hope they give him something to work with.

6) and finally....I am BEGGING, PLEADING, and PRAYING that Salem celebrates the Holidays this year. I was so disappointed last year. I know money is tight...but please decorate the sets, have some cookies and hot chocolate, show some snow, ice-skate, build snowmen, go shopping, wrap presents, do the things that we all do that make the holidays special...I am officially putting this on my Christmas wish list when I write Santa ;)