How the Story's are Written

I've figured out how they come up with storylines on DOOL.  I'm not a professional writer so bear with me a little. 

The writers are sitting at a table.

Higley:  OK.  They just hired Crystal Chappel to come back to the show.  How do we fit her in, what's her reason for returning?  Jim, you get to throw the dart at the board today and see what comes up. 

  Jim throws a dart and it lands on " looking for Bo's help" 

Higley:  Good, but why does she need Bo's help?   Elaine, your turn to throw the dart.

  Elaine turns to another board and tosses.  It lands on, long lost daughter.

Higley:  Good.  Who wants to throw the next dart to see who that daugher will be?

  Bob grabs a dart and aims at the board of younger characters.  It lands somewhere between Mia and Melody. 

Higley:  OK.  Now what do we do?  Hey, I've got it.  We'll write in a way that makes it look like either of them could be her daughter.

Elaine:  But, we already know who Melody's family is,  we can't change history.

  Everyone looks at Elaine and gasps.

Higley:  Elaine I know you're new here but you have a LOT to learn about writing for a Soap Opera.  History is irrelevant.  History is what we make it.  The darts have spoken.  We can't change what the darts say.  Why confuse the viewers with history.  They don't remember what happened yesterday much less last year or 40 years ago.  Why do you think we have a 50 flashback clause for every script.  

   Everyone bows their heads in shame.