Ramifications of a Death Poss $$$ and a lot of speculation.

I've heard the rumors that Mickey's death will be the beginning of the healing between Bo and Hope but started thinking of what other storylines could be affected.  Melanie, Phillip & Nathan.

Per what I read, even though it doesn't come out and say it the hints point to Mickey dieing this week.  Phillip and Melanie haven't yet left for Vegas to tie the knot.  I see Melanie hearing about Mickey and telling Phillip she needs to stay for Maggie.  Another scenerio, Melanie and Phillip get to vegas but before they get married she hears about Mickey and runs out to go back to Salem.  I can also see Phillip getting the news first and trying to keep it from Melanie until after they get married but I have a feeling this will stall things for a while.  Then I could see Melanie consoling Nathan and this bringing them closer together. 

Anybody else see other storylines that could be affected by this?