Stupid Casey Anthony

Ok, seriously, I am so sick of the Casey Anthony case.  I was already tired of it two years ago when I had to deal with helicopters flying near my house for weeks on end (my house is a couple miles away from the parents house), but now I can't watch days in high def.  I am stuck watching it on digital channels or SOAPnet.  For the past two days they have been playing the trial instead of Days of Our Lives.  They have the case on about 10 channels inclusing another channel owned by our local NBC Affiliate.  But I guess they decided they had not tied up enough channels and needed to add another one.  Annoying.  The whole case is a tragity.  What that mother did to her daughter, how her parents handled it, and now the stupid defense they are using to try to get her off.  But does it have to consume our lives?!?  I have my owen problems to worry about, I don't need to watch someone elses real trainwreck of a life.