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I thought they were going to tell the kids that it was the Real Rafe thats back.  Are they going to have to come out now that Taylor has seen all of them in the mansion and she heard him confess? 

I wonder if Tamara (thats her real name right?) The actress that now plays Taylor knew how much the public disliked this character?   I mean when she was professing her love of EJ to Lexi just made me want to roll my eyes. I just dont believe her that she's so deeply in love with him.  just made me laugh, not sigh and say oh how sweet. just made me roll my eyes and say oh good grief, please.  I hope they dont torture us with an EJ and Taylor wedding, cause I saw on dayscafe that Nicole agrees to a divorce and he plans on marrying Taylor of course. too bad he didnt loose his memory of his love for her. LOL.  

I know I said this in another post but I am really enjoying Chad and his introduction to the Dimera business.  I loved his talk with Stefano and asked him about Legal. and Stef's explaintion. too funny.  really looking forward to seeing more of this SL. 

I was looking thru a cosmo magazine earlier and came across a photo of this guy who looks incredibly llike Dario.  I cant really remember his name, but I looked on dayscafe to get Dario's real name and I think thats him. i can look tomorrow to see if i'm right!  I'm also watching tv right now and the bandaid commercial with the Johnny twins on it just came on! Love those little guys!