2nd episode of Dirty Soap

So I watched the 2nd episode.  Galen was taking care of his kids and he was so cute.  It was weird though because his wife said that the longest he had ever been alone with the kids was an hour and a half.  I found that  a bit odd as the kids are not infants.  I guess he works a lot. 

Nadia's mother is really a piece of work.  I am not sure what's up with Nadia and Brandon's relationship but her mother sure has no problem sticking her nose in and is downright rude to Brandon.  If that was my mother I would tell her to keep it to herself.  I guess it remains to be seen what's up with Brandon.  He claims he has is "issues".

Farah and her boyfriend!  This guy wears pajama pants everywhere and is a momma's boy.  She needs to dump his ass.  His mother is another rude nosy one.  Holy stage moms Batman!

Kirstin.  It is revealed that she only speaks to her brother and not her parents.  I did feel for her as her brother left for his military helicopter training for one year.  She seemed so sad.

Kelly.  I still don't like her.  Can't relate at all.