3rd episode of Dirty Soap

So Nadia and Galen continue to be adorable and very down to earth for people who are so good looking.  You rarely see people in Hollywood like that who do not act superior so it's refreshing.

Farah and Kirstin seem to be in a contest over who can be the biggest bitch.  At first I thought it was Farah but then Kirstin seemed to shut her down when she wanted to talk.  They are both immature drama queens.  Farah needs to stop pushing her BF to get married.  That ain't happining honey!  Get a clue!

Kelly....starting to feel a bit sorry for her.  She is so emotional over her breakup she really seems like a mess.  In the scenes from next week they allude to her weight loss.  SHe does look gaunt and "Hopeish" with her sunken cheeks and eyes.