Conan or Jay???

I tried to do a poll 3 times but I can't seem to make it stick....Anyway, I was just wondering who everyone sides with as far as Conan O'Brien or Jay Leno?????

I'm siding with Conan..because Jay passed the torch to him a few years ago, Conan accepted....then Jay tried to back out. So instead of doing Vegas or whatever, NBC gives him a new show (same format) preceeding the Tonite show! Hard enough to fill these shoes, but to put Jay on before him, wow...dumb! Then you've got two more talk shows to follow..typical NBC. I think NBC is stupid for trying to put Jay back in the timeslot of the tonite show and move Conan. I don't blame Conan for turning them down..He got thrown under the bus...I won't watch Jay on the Tonite Show like I used to....he's made a fool of himself, NBC, and Conan...what do you all think????