Stuff from today

I so enjoy the playfullness of John and marlena! speaking of grandparents where the heck is Roman??? He has been MIA for a long time now. Now that Austin realizes that carrie doesn't want to be around him, he may actually start seeing abbigail in a different light, which I DON'T want.
I'm worried about Abe and Lexi. I wonder how she's going to react to Abe's stooping to ej's level. I think shell take it better if Abe wins, she might be pissed at home for a while but I think shell forgive him.
They did replace the little girls that play sydney right? She sure looks like the other one ESP with the curly hair. He has aliitle more personality too. I was also wondering where Ali and Johnny were? you'd think they would be at their sisters birthday party.
When are the others supposed to come back, like Lucas, Celest, and who else? Maybe Celest can work with Bo and hope, she can sense what is in the box! Is it a fact yet that they are going to bring back Billie? I won't mind AS LONG as they don't use her to break up bope. If Lisa rinna is coming back then we'll have the original Billie and Austin.
SOrry but I loved will tormenting his mom! And again, if sydney hadn't run in to hear them fight and make her upset that ej would have patted will on the back from that one.
Here's a question that popped in my head, I never watched the show with abbys daydream, so how did Abe get invited to his opponnents house? Ok, I think that's all my comments and questions for today. I thought today was a little better than it had been. Oh one more thing, when rafe brought the punch bowl out and asked Austin if he could help him find one, and Austin said, you were a detective find it yourself!