$$$$ spoilers coming up (very explicit so don't look if you don't want to know) ......

                                               SPOILERS FOR NEXT 2 WEEKS




Next week the *hit hits the fan for more than one story-line.  Will comes "out"; Rafe discovers Sami and E.J.'s grief sex; Marlena and Sami have it out, and it brings Sami to finally realize that her problems were created by her and no one else; Rafe attacks E.J. just when he is about to propose to Nicole, down on one knee and all, and she throws his ring back and walks out; Will initiates his first male/male kiss and Sonny sees it, but Will is still in denial and blames it on alcohol; Abbey creates a new scheme to hold onto Austin; Stefano's secret is revealed (not sure if this is next week or week after) ..... but, you ain't heard nothin' yet ....


Week after next, Lucas returns when Sami calls him, after she feels she hit rock bottom, and he becomes her rock; but he is engaged and brings his fiance with him (but I don't think we even see her);

and here's what many may have been waiting for:

Daniel returns to Salem (not that part), where he tries to gives Nicole some support; but, he has STARTLING NEWS for her as well:  (is Nikki pregnant --- will this keep her from dumping Elvis ..... I know many will hope so).

Lots of other storylines being unveiled, leaving us with what sounds to be a fantastic February sweeps!!!