Billie, EJ, etc from Days Cafe

Billie moves into the DiMera mansion and has an agenda.....She's still ISA--Wonder if she's going after Stefano, EJ or Ian...If it's EJ then I'm thinking she's working with Abe and Bo and if it's Stefano or the DiMera's in general she might be working with John.

Kate must try or want to steal Sami's kids because.... EJ refuses to let her.

EJ gets Sami and the kids a new apartment.........Didn't Sami have that apartment before Rafe moved in?  I could be wrong but why spend the money on a new set for Sami's apartment when it could be used to get Carrie and Austin an apartment or house or even get Madison someplace permanent that's not a hotel room.

EJ finds out Nicole is pregnant.

John and Hope need to be hypnotized into being Gina and The Pawn to find a Faberge Egg that Stefano wants but Stefano loses control fast and so do John and Hope.