Carly Manning

I just wrote this big long post about Carly and it never showed up.  What gives?  I'll try again...

I decided to completely put the character of Carly Manning aside and just focus on Crystal Chappel.  My conclusion was that I really like her and like her with Bo, in spite of the way this SL has being written.  I recalled the chemistry they had before, and again, putting the writing aside, see it once more. 

So, I'm thinking (yeah, scary, I know!), what if they completely ruined Bope intentionally so they can go forward with Barly as the new "super couple."  I can see that happening.  Just try putting aside your dislike for what Carly has done and see if you don't honestly think they are good together.

So, if that's what TPTB (Edited by JennM - no bashing) decide to do, I'll be okay with it.  Heck, maybe they can bring on some new hunky man for Hope.  (I really don't want her with Justin, although, I don't know what they'd do with him then and I really don't want to lose him.)