Hurry up already!

I'm getting very impatient for Carly to spill the beans to Melanie.  I'm so looking forward to what her reaction will be.  In reality, she should not be mad at Carly as, the way I understood it from the way it was written, she had no choice in the matter, that Lawrence took the baby away from her and gave it to "that man."  Some have mentioned she gave her up to keep her safe but I don't remember it that way.

Anyway, get on with it already!  I'm hoping that maybe Ciera will mention something to Hope so at least she and Justin have something to go on.  I'm also anxious to find out what was in that box.

And, speaking of being anxious...I can't wait for Nicole to come back.  Although the poor girl really needs a break after all the scenes she did before she left on maternity.  They did that same thing to Eileen Davidson (with all her characters) to the point she left the show.