Watching for spammers... PLEASE READ...

I have implemented a manual system for approving accounts - so I have to LOOK at each "application", and I am using a reference website to try to stop the spammers for getting on here in the first place.  Rather time consuming, to say the least, but worth it if it keeps the riff-raff off here.

If the website reference tool yields no results, I approve them - but that means that the occasional spammer might get through - so if you see something, please continue to alert me by email and I'll take care of it.

I pruned about 200 "users" (spammers) today that have histories of spamming elsehwere.  There's still 700+ registered users here and I'm sure a lot of them don't need to be on here, so I'll prune some more when I get the time (if I don't get carpal tunnel first LOL!)

At least with the new system I'll delete/block most of them before they get here - I should have done that back in the beginning because it's more work now (hindsight LOL!)

Hopefully that will help keep this place safe and clean.