Loving Sami with John and Marlena

 I have to say that I am really liking Sami lately with this Kristen/Brady/John/Marlena storyline.  I love how she is getting in Kristen's face about sleeping with Brady.  For once I think her anger is channeled in the right direction and makes perfect sense.  One thing though:  I'm surprised Brady didn't call Sami a hypocrite for also dating a DiMera and her whole past with EJ (unless he did yesterday but we had an interruption for a half hour so I missed a lot).  And he would have a good point, especially where EJ kidnapped Rafe and replaced him with fauxRafe.  And I still can't understand why she would be considering EJ again but I'm getting off track here.

 But it's so good to see Sami on great terms with Marlena and especially John and it's genuine.  I think Marlena's going to need Sami on her side after John's behavior yesterday.  He is treating Marlena worse than he treats Kristen just because Marlena didn't tell him about the affair weeks ago.  This doesn't make any sense to me.  John didn't want to believe anything Marlena said anyway about Kristen.  Kristen's the bad guy here, not Marlena.  And now John will be staying at a hotel.  Gee, I wonder if he will move into the one Kristen's staying at. 

Depending on how long John stays mad at Marlena, I think Sami will be the one that will mend things between them (imagine that!).  At the end of the show yesterday, she had said something about a united front.  I am really liking her, for now at least, and that's good enough for me.