$$$ SPOILERS...Week of 2/25/13 ...

Monday, February 25

Nick warns Sami to stay away from Gabi.

Kristen convinces Brady to move into the DiMera mansion with her and Stefano.

Marlena suspects Nicole has feelings for Eric and warns her against them.

Nicole decides to leave town.

The junkie returns to the church and starts to strangle Eric.

Brady overhears Kristen gloating to Stefano and is furious.

Will and Sonny reunite, and Will shares his secret with Sonny.

Tuesday, February 26

Nick insists Will give up his parental rights to the baby.

Brady wonders if everyone was right about Kristen.

Stefano informs John that Kristen and Brady are moving into the DiMera mansion.

John phones his pilot and makes plans to return to Salem.

The junkie demands Eric give him the money he left behind.

Kristen opens up to Brady about her complicated relationship with Stefano.
Nick tells Will he knows he shot EJ and threatens to go to the authorities.

Wednesday, February 27

Taken with Kristen’s emotional confession, Brady agrees to move into the mansion.

Nicole witnesses a close moment between Rafe and Kate.

Daniel tells Jennifer he will not cut all direct ties to Chloe.

Abigail and Chloe get into a heated argument.

Eric contacts Abe about a new project.

Marlena is horrified, when Brady tells her about his new living arrangements.

Thursday, February 28

Chloe accuses Abigail of being disloyal to Jack, by supporting Jennifer and Daniel.

Will informs Lucas that Nick knows he shot EJ and threatened to use it against him.

Nick cautions Sami that she can’t use his prison record against him; he’s served his time.

Will fears he’ll have no choice but to give up his rights to his baby.

Sami plots to use Gabi’s past to her and Will’s advantage.

Daniel and Jennifer interrupt a physical altercation between Abigail and Chloe.

Friday, March 1

Jennifer is appalled by the things Chloe said to Abigail.

Will wants to turn himself in for shooting EJ, but Lucas and Sonny talk him out of it.

Gabi decides on a special name for her baby.

Jennifer tells Daniel she wants to break up.

Abigail is flustered, when she walks in on Cameron changing out of his clothes.

Will struggles over what to do, when Nick presents him with papers relinquishing all rights to his child.<!--/gc-->