John Black leaving town....again....

I guess Marlena is not willing to listen to, nor forgive, John for his asinine choices, and to that I say "good for Marlena." John has to know one of two things: 1) his plan to handle Kristen alone was a bust from the very beginning; or 2) he would have been willing to have sex with Kristen if she would have allowed it. I was almost hoping for the second to happen, since Brady had no phone at the time, so he did not receive either one of their text messages, and would not have gone to Kristen's hotel room. So, now that John feels he has lost everything, he's going to put his tail between his legs and crawl out of town once again. I say GOOD, he needs a whole lot reasons to reach the conclusion that he's been the only a$$ in the room through this entire nightmare.

BUT, WHY IS STEFANO LEAVING????? Stefano will be leaving again as well, but why and what does this sly dog have up his sleeve now? Let's see, could be several things, IMO. First, he is very jealous of Kate's affair with Rafe and will seek his revenge. Next, the whole E.J. stealing Kate's line from Nick's computer will soon come into play. Will this cause a riff between the two power families .... I would love to see another Kiriakis/DiMera war, now that I think about it. Third, Does John know more about where he has gone, and decides it's better to keep tabs on him rather than face the disgrace of a failed husband and father? Lot's of things to think about here.

I do believe they will both be back at some point, but just how long they will be gone is not yet known. I do hope Roman stays away from Marlena, though, since she will undoubtedly be very vulnerable one again. So, leave her alone, mumbles. Here's a suggestion: go visit your grandson and your great-granddaughter or, better yet, maybe check out Bo's situation before Ciara throws a small child off a cliff because they wouldn't share their daddy with her.