Your vote is needed!

I've copied the following message I received by email.  I adopted my dog, Sophie, from this rescue, and I'd really like them to win this contest.  All we're asking for is your vote.  Read on:





Hi everyone,


We are making a final effort to win $10,000 for our rescue.  This time, we are voting for Vivian.  She is a gorgeous mini aussiedoodle who was rescued from ARL by an amazing lady way up north - and I mean WAY up north!  Vivian is well on her way to competing in agility and becoming a therapy dog.  Below is a note from Virginia, Vivian's mom.  Please vote and forward this message on to your friends.   Voting ends Thursday, so time is of the essence!  I truly believe that we have a chance to win this time and heaven knows we have an awful lot of dogs that could use the help right now!





Please help pup MissChief Vivian gather enough Bissell votes to enable us to give a  non-profit  shelter the grand prize of $10,000! In order to get enough votes in one round,  we must work hard to recruit voters. Your help is critical to making this happen. We are aiming for targeted voting in Round 9,  Friday 3/5  thru  Thursday 3/11. Here’s how:
Go to; click on view this week’s pets 

Search: enter MissChief Vivian; (be careful with caps & spacing)
Click on picture; Click on Please login to vote
Enter your email address and a password (your choice, but save it)
Screen returns to picture, hit Vote Now, watch the vote # change.
“Thank you for voting” appears..
You can vote with each email address you have using different passwords.              

Please Please consider inviting your email and Face Book friends to vote now.
This is our last chance!  Many, many thanks.