America's Got Talent

They are down to 12 in the semi-finals and, boy, there are sure some good acts. In the past, I've always had a favorite but, this time I don't know who I think should win. Although I don't think that comedian is funny at all. And I don't care for the KriStef Brothers; Jimmy Rose, the CW singe;r or Collins Key, the young magician. I counted six last night that I really, really like. Let's see if I can remember all six.
1. *Cami Bradley (really like her)
2. Braden James
3. *Forté, (love, love, love)
4. *Kinichi Ebina
6. D'Angelo and Amanda
6. Catapult, the shadow story-tellers/dancers

*Best bets IMO

It'll be interesting to see (as Howie always says) how the rest of America votes.