Any comments on the Oscars?

I thought this was the worst show ever, and I've watched them ever since they were first televised.  Neil Patrick Harris can't sing or dance worth a darn, IMO, and the number was horrible and pointless.  And Martin and Baldwin's jokes fell flat more than not.  The only funny thing I heard all night was when Steve Martin said "damn Helen Mirren" and Alec corrected him saying it was "Dame."  Trying to foist off that interpretive dance for the nominated songs was a definite failure.

And what was with George Clooney's sour face every time they showed him?  Was there an inside joke there somewhere that I missed?

But, I will say, Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech was one of best I've ever heard.  But I thought her make-up was a little severe.  And , on the whole, the dresses were fabulous.  The only one I didn't like was Charlese Theron's.  (They seem to be getting more and more fabric on the bottom and less and less on the top!  Hilary Swank almost didn't even have a top!)

I was disappointed that Avatar didn't win more awards but...

I don't know why but it seems these big productions are all going to the dogs.  First, the Super Bowl half time was not the big spectacular it's usually been, then the disappointing opening and closing Olympic ceremonies, and now (my favorite award show of all), the Oscars.  What happened to all the talent out there?  Are they trying too hard to out-do the past and coming up short?  I don't know.  YMMV