Project Runway 9/26

 I could not believe that Kate got eliminated last episode.  What a joke this show has become. Not only was she NEVER in the bottom the entire season (except for the last episode), she was always in the top three or so.  The judges are so inconsistent.  I remember in the first episode, Helen made this awful gown.  It was very poorly constructed and it was not fashionable at all.  It was hideous and she got to stay while the black woman (can't remember her name) made a perfectly fine dress and got the boot.

 Kate deserved to stay.  Week after week she produced stylish, well sewn garments and had proven herself to be a top designer.  Helen even said to Kate that if it wasn't for her, she (Helen) would not have made it that far.  I don't like Helen; never have, never will.  Kate is a genuinely nice, caring person as well as a great designer.  Her exit was classy and touching.

 I took the show off of my DVR.  I may watch the Fashion Week episode, but that is it.  Usually an elimination doesn't bother me so much, but this one did as the judges are ridiculously inconsistent.