November Sweeps

After a STUNNING reveal Kristen makes a dramatic exit from Salem leaving a wake of destruction behind her. ****We've known this was coming YAWN****

As a result, Brady spirals out of control. Old self starts to come back. long playing character drive with Brady.

Eric realizes he has falsely accused Nicole of rape. ****There had better be major groveling to atone.****

Sami and Ejerk hit a major stumbling block when she suspects he is keeping a secret from her. ****Please let this be the absolute end of their relationship with no hope of any reconciliation. \*****

Mystery Tale--major character meets his/her demise--frantic cover up involving 3 unlikely people later in November and begins a major mystery story. 3 to 6 months of story telling in Salem. ****DIE, EJERK, DIE****

Shane and Kimberly come to help Theresa. ****YAWN***