I know this show is not about dancing; it's about popularity.  I know there have been some shocking eliminations in past seasons, but last night was just unbelievable.  Now I'm no fan of Elizabeth Berkely but she absolutely deserves to still be there over Bill Engvall.  And she just got all 10's for one of her dances.

His dances were a joke but the judges keep overscoring him.  7's??? Really?  Especially for that 2nd dance when the girls just danced around him and he was stomping around.  He didn't peform the dance but the judges go ga-ga over his comical routines and are harder on everybody else for making the tiniest mistake.   Nothing against him; he's a real likeable guy, but come on, why is he still there going into the semi-finals????  He should have been so embarrassed but it's not his fault the judges inflate his scores and people keep voting for him. 

When will I ever learn that the show is a popularity contest.