Anyone watch Grimm or Grey's?

 Just a comment that as much as I've disliked the Juliette character, now that she knows Nick's a Grimm, I like her better.  The two couples, plus Hank, work together well.  I'm glad that "love affair" with the Captain is finally over.  And the show has become more "grimm", I think - more violent and bloody.  Definitely not 8 pm material.

So what will happen with April?  I think Jackson has dawdled far too long deciding what to do.  Marry Matthew.  He's too nice a guy to break his heart.   Loved April's wedding dress.  

I wondered when Shane was going to crack.  Good acting on his part.   Very glad to see the Chief back.  Not sure where they are taking Bailey.  This whole OCD thing came out of the blue.  Meredith and Christina - Whew!  Hard to pick up the pieces after those blowups.