Hey heyeveryone,

Could use some new prayers. I was admitted to the hospital on monday, my mother in law found me unresponsive on monday, she had to call 911 to come and revive me. the last thing I remember on monday was telling her that I waned to take a nap before I had to go to work. then waking up in the er while they were working on me trying to figure out why I was there, no one would explain why I was there. I finally got stablized.  But I guess I was bad off, almost didnt make it. I dont feel that bad now, but they brought me home with hospice care. which has  been absoutely amazing care. The doctor wasnt going to prescribe me any oxygen to come home with and they werent weaning me off it, and i'd been on it the entire time I was in the hospital. They let me go home by 1:30 but I went back by 8:pm that night because I was having trouble breathing. so again by 8pm they brought me back and hospice was taking me home with oxygen and pain meds to make it through the weekend. I will recommend them to anyone who should need them because they have been fabulous. by taking care of me and my needs, a complaint against the hospital. 

So I just wanted you all to know, I know it's hard to hear and it's hard to write about but all of you have been there, some of you have even been around from the beginning of my cancer , you might not realize that one.  I appriciate all the love and prayers you have given me over the years. You have been one of the one constant thing in my life over the last 8 years, no matter where I moved or how much you guys are always at Salem Place and it's meant so much to have you around!