Slowly catching up

After not seeing Days for a while, I am fnally starting to catch up with my PVR.  I am only to the 2nd week in March, but there are some things that re bothering me that I have to vent somewere and here is the only place I can!  (My husband can only take so much.)  So, I know that some of this stuff has probably already been mentioned here, but please bear with me so I can just "say it out loud" and move on!

1) Phillip keeps saying Melanie is the love of his life?!  I thought Chloe was - no wait, Belle was.  No, no, if you didn't blink for a moment, Stephanie was.  I wish the writers would stop using the phrase "Love of my life".  We know that except for a few, the character are going to be changing loves like they change clothes!

2) Who dresses Kate?  There was a period for a couple of days that she had on a vest, silvery gray shirt, hip huggers and a belt she stole from a rodeo champion that looked so silly, I could concentrate on anything she said!  And everything is always so skin tight.  Come on DOOL - unless she had Austin & Billie when she was 10 years old, she has to be in mid to late fifties.  She can still dress young and not look like she raided an 16 year old cowgirls closet.

3) They are really ruining EJ.  I have never been a fan of him & Sami together (Lumi forever, but if not, then Rami will do), I liked him with Nicole, but they are making him soooo bad that I think they could redeem Stefano before the could him.  He is so smug and self righteous now and what he is doing to Sami?!  And he wonders why she wanted to keep her kids from him?

4) Another person who is acting so self righteous is Hope.  How many times did she think she could push Bo away and he would keep waiting for her?  You'd think she would learn after she pushed him away when Zack died.  Of course, then it was OK when SHe found someone else (Patrick Lockhart) for a while, but Bo is suppose to just wait for her to get over her snit?  And now she has forgotten that she's the one that pushed him away in the 1st place.  And then she moves into Victor's house?  A known criminal  and not the best of friends to the Brady's?!  It would have made more sense for her to move into the Brady Pub or Grams.  I'm sure she would still be able to see Justin enough for him to fall for her.

5) Has Chloe forgotten that HER mother gave her away when she was young? 

Whew, do I feel better!  Well, that's all I can think of now - I guess I can start watching again and finish catching up.  Sorry this is so long.