Anybody miss me?

I went in the hospital for a total hip replacement on June 10 and in the process, the doctor damaged a large nerve that goes from my hip all the way down to my toes. Consequently, I am having extreme pain, numbness and tingling in my leg and foot. It caused what is called "foot drop" which means I have no control over my foot and it drops down and I can't lift it up. And that means trying to walk, even with a walker, is very difficult.

I came home from the hospital last Thursday because my DIL is here to help me out as she was the only one who could get away from her job for that long. Unfortunately, she has to go home Wednesday and I can't stay by myself because of so many things I can't do, so I am going into a rehab hospital for probably a couple of weeks or possibly more.

This has certainly been an unexpected turn of events but the worst part is nobody can tell me when, or even IF, I will recover. After six weeks I will have a nerve study done and, at that time, they may be able to give me more information about my prognosis.

So, in the meantime, I will continue to watch this mess we all call entertainment because there's not a whole lot more I can do.

(Humbly accepting ALL prayers available.) :o)