The ALS Ice Challenge

I know some people are complaining about all these ice water challenge clips but I have been seeing things on Facebook that just tears your heart out. I saw one yesterday where the guy (probably late 20s or early 30s) was saying how terrified he is of getting ALS because his grandmother died from it and his mother has it. Then, after breaking down, he says that he has been diagnosed with it and shows how he has to feed his mom. He said imagine strapping 20 lb. weights to your arms and trying to feed yourself or filling your mouth with marshmallows and trying to talk. I just about cried right out loud.

I don't think most people have any idea what a horrible, insidious disease it is. It slowly totally destroys your body while leaving your mind perfectly alert and in tact. You need 24/7 care until (after years) your breathing finally shuts down and you literally suffocate. Like this guy explained, there is no profit in research so there is no funding. Hopefully, these challenges will bring some awareness to the disease. Although it's incurable and ultimately kills it's victims, maybe there can be some discovery of making their lives a little more tolerable in the meantime. I hope these challenges continue until they raise millions and millions and I don't mind watching them one bit. I just wish they'd stress a little more that a donation goes along with the ice bath.