Kristen to get away with everything again????

 I cannot believe that she is going to get away with everything again.  That is so insane.....I hate the way they writers are taking these story unbelievable.....If days goes down the tubes, and I think it will,  it will amost be a relief. I have watched for 40 years and its at the point where I don't care about it any more.  It is so far removed from the Days of Our Lives of long ago that it is not recognizable.  It used to be that I used to run home to watch it at lunch time....that is how excited I used to be about it.  I still tape it but its more to ff through what I don't want to see than because I am afraid to miss something.  I end watching maybe 10-15 minutes of each episode.  What a shame.  We have such terrific actors and their efforts are in vain. It must be painful for them too to go through this stuff day after day.