DWTS -- They're baaack!

It looks like this season has some winners and some losers. There were a couple of them that are going to have to improve very fast or they'll be out of there. And there're a couple of surprisingly good ones. The Robinson girl for one. It's going to be very interesting just what her dad is going to let her do/wear but she sure could "shake that thing!" Like Julianne said, she's got that something natural that you just can't teach.

And what a surprise from Tommy Chong. Although his dance wasn't terribly technical, he sure did pull it off well. I don't think he'll go much further though. And how nice to see Cheech and Chong together again.

You know, I feel sorry for Peta and Tony. They always seem to get such duds as partners. You never see that happen with Derek or Mark. I sure wish they would tell us how they select the pairs, if it's just random or intentional. I can't help but think they pair them to what will produce the best viewing. Duh!