DWTS 10/27

 First off, I loved all the Halloween sets, costumes, pranks, etc.  I thought it was fun and funny.  And I loved that Len is back though I have to say he didn't seem to be himself.  At times, he looked like he was out of it.  Perhaps it's just the adjustment of having missed a few weeks or maybe he's just tired of all the gimmicks.  Granted it was a Halloween-themed show, but the show has become more gimmicky and less about proper dance.

 Now for the really bad.... Michael Waltrip.  Why is he still there?  NASCAR fans are not doing him any favors.  Why does he want to be there so badly when he is such a bad dancer?  He just doesn't have it and he is not improving.  Next week is week 8.  If he continues on, the really good dancers are going to start going home.  Does he think that's right?  Oh ya, I forgot, it's a popularity contest.  And the way his partner clings onto him every second is weird.

 The judges gave him 8's last week for his non-dancing routine.  I bet that, combined with his fans, kept him safe last night.  That routine last night was embarassing.  He not only didn't dance the jive, he was walking through it and making mistakes.  Len was spot on when he questioned why Waltrip is still here in week 7.  The audience booed but he was so correct and only saying what most of us were thinking.  The judges were generous in giving him 5's.  I would have given him a 3 at best.  I don't know why this makes me so mad.  It's only a show.  Guess I just like some fairness but that ain't gonna happen.

 And what was up with Mark?  Even through his zombie eyes, you could tell he was mad the entire night.  He had something up his butt.  I think the pros don't like to hear critique.  I sure do miss the "old" Dancing days.