DWTS 11/24

 There was some really great dancing last night.  Good call on Bethany and Derek being eliminated as they were my least favorite.  Derek's already won 5 times but I honestly thought they were the "weakest" of the final four.

 I loved Alfonso and Whitney's freestyle.  It was the best of all the freestyles, IMO.  Very classy and very creative.  It felt traditional yet very modern at the same time.  I thought Sadie's and Mark's freestyle was very good as well.  I did not like Val and Janel's though.  I didn't like the song with the dance and I just didn't feel the dance.  Janel was getting on my nerves a bit last night with all the crying and seriousness.  Normally I like when the dancers/pros show emotion but to me, she was way too weepy and serious and she didn't look like she was having fun at all last night.  That's how I saw it anyway.

 I am hoping Alfonso wins tonight but I wouldn't be disappointed if Sadie won.  I'd rather Janel not win but it's no big deal really as they are all great dancers.