I never got around to watching any of the last season of Survivor episodes but have them recorded so I can watch when I can. But, I tried to watch the first episode of this season and found myself scratching my head as to how inane that stupid show has become. It is so predictable and scripted that I can't believe the producers could possibly think we believe any of that is real. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Although I'm finding that is happening with most of the reality shows these days. I used to enjoy Dance Moms (pretty much for it's "train wreck" value but did like to see the girls dancing) but now that has become nothing but an hour-long screaming match between supposedly mature, grown women while their poor impressionable children watch on. Nobody acts like that in real life, heck, not even trailer trash is that bad. In fact, some of these shows are beginning to make Jerry Springer look like high-class entertainment. Is the lure of money so great as to make these people stoop to such horrible behavior and portray themselves as they do?