SPOILERS from DaysCafe!



- Stefano is concerned about Elvis' feelings for
  Sami. Now what?! He decides to be nice to her ...
- Brady continues to give Ari and Nicole mixed
  signals. They must deal with each other regardless!
- Rafe is on the hunt for Anna. Sami wonders why.
- EJ asks Sami to come live with him!
- Kate warns Melanie that she had better honor
  her wedding vows to her son!
- Daniel finds out what Chloe really thinks of Carly!
  Meanwhile, Vivian is gung ho on trying to get Chloe
  to KILL Carly. Wild!
- Rafe finds out that EJ has a plan ...
- Dan agrees to surgery.
- Hope appears to shift her interest toward Justin.
- Ciara is caught stealing.
- Get ready for the return of that dastardly doc
  everyone loves to hate, Dr. Baker!
- Nath kisses Mel. Phillip sees the whole thing. Oh oh!