Call the men in little white suits to come and get me.

My dream last night will certainly warrant it. I dreamed that I was in some kind of soap opera and was discussing things with the other characters when we heard Lucas (from another show) say to Kate, "Oh yeah, do you want to get pregnant by me again like you did before?" And then this guy who looked a lot like Daniel came in to announce to Melanie that, yes, her father really was dead and he looked at me and thanked me for my understanding when I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. Then Kate and I were at the bottom of a high cliff where Daniel had gone over and his car was all wrecked and burned and Kate was sobbing.

Next, I kept seeing Chad google-eyeing me every where I went and when I asked what that was about, the writers told me they were going to pair him up with ME! They said because he prefers older women.

I swear to you, I was not drinking before I went to bed either.