What's everybody doing today?

I'm sewing heart pillows for heart surgery patients at our local hospital and teddy bear pillows that our women's club ladies make for the police and pediatric ER to soothe the little kids during traumas.  Miami's channel 10 (ABC) did a piece on us.  If you'd like to take a look, go to www.gfwc-cfwc.org/PressRoom.aspx.  (For some reason I can't copy the address, you may have to type it in.)  Anyway, that's me doing all the talking.  Did you guess?

We have a lot of fun doing this and it's so rewarding to see the heart patient's faces light up when they get the pillows.  (If you don't know, after chest surgery, you have to hold a pillow tightly and cough several times a day.  It's just a little easier if you have a pretty pillow to use.)  We don't see the kids when they get their pillows but the police and nurses say those little bears almost always brighten up the situation for the kids.  They tell us they grab onto them and hold them as tight as they can.  It's a good feeling for us too!

In the past we've also made small pillows for women to hold under their arms after a mastectomy.  We donate these to Gilda's (Radner) Club.  Hey, it's keeps us old ladies out of the bars.    We also knit or crochet afghans for aids children in Africa and lap robes for nursing home patients.  We have a group of 12 of us who dress in 1890 bathing suits and sing some of the old songs.  Those old folks love to sing along and really get into it.  Then, when they get the lap robes too, you'd think Santa had come.

Do you have something you'd like to tell all of us about you?  Interesting trips you've taken, serious illnesses, funny things happening at a wedding, unusual or entertaining things your kids/pets/spouses have done, events you'd like to brag about?  I don't know about everybody else but I love to hear about all of our Days addicts.

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