DWTS 11/2

 Did anybody see when Julianne said she was trying to find something wrong with Bindi's dance so that she wouldn't have to give her a 10?  I can't believe she actually said that and then she said there was some minor thing she does with her shoulders.  That was inappropriate and wrong.  She's probably trying hard not to show favoritism to her brother, but that is going too far.  I think she deserved 10's and if Julianne thought she deserved it as well, she should have given it to her.

I do not think that Nick deserved all 10's; perhaps because I don't really care for him.  I almost feel that he's trying to be humble, but he's really not.  I don't know; there is just something that I can't quite put my finger on.  And I thought it was over-the-top to show his wife's ultrasound and announce he's having a boy on national tv.  Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think that should be between him and his wife.  He's probably trying to get some more votes.  I do not care for Tamar either:  her attitude and the fact that there's no chemistry between her and Val.

I do love Alexa and Bindi.  Bindi is simply amazing.  Although Derek keeps getting partners that have a natural dance ability, I want them to go all the way.  Bindi is a beautiful dancer and also feisty, enthusiastic, positive, and has a great spirit that is so genuine.