Hi All!

 It was nice to log in today and see so many familiar friends.  I lost interest in the show several years ago when Drake and Diedra left so I had nothing to contribute.  I may start watching again and have something to add to the conversations.

My story:  Doug's only son, Steve, committed suicide Nov 28, 2011.  He left a long letter with messages of love for each of his friends and family.  We had no idea he was troubled and still have not come to terms with the grief and anger.  My oncologist called the day after his body was found - the lymphoma was back.  I told them I would get back to them when I had time to think about myself.  Steve's funeral was that Saturday in Omaha, and of course there was a blizzard that morning.  When we returned to Lincoln, Doug went out to push snow and....had a heart attack.  By Monday we knew he was out of the woods so Tiff left to return to Michigan.  Ice storm west of Des Moines, semi lost control and crashed her on the interstate.  She was in the hospital 3 weeks.  Christmas Eve my 88-year old dad went into the hospital with severe pain - acute appendisitis and surgery.  New Year's Eve my 86-year old mom was hospitalized with an advanced UTI.  They live 2 1/2 hours north of Lincoln.  By the grace of God I survived the worst 5 weeks of my life, going from one crisis to another, but suffered some PTSD and sort of withdrew.  In June the oncologist office called concerned they had not heard from me.  Oh yeah, forgot about that.  So 6 months of chemo again.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with 2 types of lung cancer.  Had a resection of one lobe of the right lung and radiation in the left lung.  Still dealing with the left lung, but it's slow growing, and no further treatment available at this time.  Many good things have happened too, celebrating my parents 70th anniversary, weddings, baby niece and nephew, retired this spring, but there's not enough space to tell you everything.  It took awhile, but I'm mostly of sound body and mind now and ready to take on the world again.  Kathy