Nicole's Lies Just Keep On Comin'

I hate that wig on Nicole.  She's much too fair-skinned to go that dark.  To me it draws more attention to her, because it looks exactly what it's like ... a wig, although I do like the cut.  Sort of reminds me of the way Chelsea wore her hair.  As for Nicole herself, boy, the woman just doesn't know when to quit.  I almost rolled off my chair laughing when she told E.J. he was "selfish and abusive."  That biatch lived the life of luxury as a DiMera wife; but, 'oh, I'm sorry, I lied to my husband with every word that came out of my mouth from the day I put my devious plan into action, but hey, E.J., you were the one who was abusive so now I'm stealing your child with Sami, telling more lies, this time to my mother, about you, but that's because it's all your fault.'  GMAFB!  That manipulative skank will deserve exactly what's coming to her, and I shudder to think what Sydney would have grown up to be if she were allowed to stay with Nicole.  Liking the actress is one thing; thinking this character deserves anything else except to be behind bars is another.  And, I'm not even an E.J. fan; but, I sure do want to see Nicole go down.  I know there are plenty of others who have not paid for their crimes in Salem, and God knows Kate is right up there with Nikki, but Nicole is the one whose been shoved down my throat for the past year, watching her deceitful ways day after day after day, using everyone and anyone she could get her filthy hands on, friend or foe, so they could keep torturing me with this horrific storyline; so, it stands to reason, for me at least, that the only injustice being served right now would be for her to get away with Sydney.  Soooooo, you go, Rafe or Roman, even Sami and/or E.J., and if Brady Black stands in your way because his eyes are up his butt where Nicole is concerned, please, please, please knock him out!  His sympathy for Nicole is wearing thin, IMHO.  Sorry, rant now over! (LOL)!