Rhonda Rousey - Really??

Does anyone know this athlete? She's a mixed martial arts star who was undefeated until she was upset by a lesser known in a match a few weeks back. So she gets on Ellen's show and confesses she felt like comitting suicide afterwards. She was going on about how she felt her vocation defined her and a loss was unthinkable and she needed a friend to drag her out of it.
I'm thinking - are you serious? Yes, I realize she was the butt of jokes on national tv, but come on. She can sure take and feed off the spotlight when things go well, but one loss and she's ready to off herself?
Hey Rhonda if you're reading this, there are people out there who've lost homes to tornadoes, who are living on dirt in Syria, who are losing battles with cancer. And you have the nerve to go on entertainment shows and tearfully confess you were set to end your life over a boxing match?
Just had to get that off my chest!