O.J. Simpson Series

Anybody watching this? I though it was just going to be another hashed-over exploitation of this fiasco but it is actually turning out to be very good. I don't know how factual it is but I'm learning a lot of things I didn't know before. For one thing, I have developed a lot of sympathy for Marsha Clark that I never had before. And if you should possibly think he wasn't guilty before, this would convince even his own mother he did it.

Another thing, I think if all the hero-worshipers he had (and I'll admit, I was one), if they knew what he was really like they probably would have spit on him. He was a first-class, a-number one ass! Anyway, that's how they are portraying him.

And John Travolta should get an Emmy nod for his role, he is doing a fantastic job. So is David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian. I am totally wrapped up in their roles. Actually, I have to throw Nathan Lane in there too. In fact, everybody is great. Even Cuba Gooding, Jr. is making me believe he really is OJ.

Since everybody pretty much knows the story, you could start watching it without really missing anything.