Have Brady's Druggie Days Fried His Brain?

I mean, seriously, not only has Nicole used him up one side and down the other, lied to him, betrayed his trust, and only came near him when she wanted him to bail her out of ANY situation, he is still trying to convince Melanie, Ariana, and anyone else who will listen, that she is a "good person" at heart.  Is that before or after he remembered that she tried to disfigure his wife, I wonder?  Now, I guess my question is, is Brady so convinced that he can save Nicole's unremorseful butt that he couldn't even remember to tell Roman, Sami, E.J. and Rafe  that the call he got from Nicole was from a number he did not recognize; that she probably 'picked up' another phone; that the call was made from a Cleveland area code, and that she JUST MIGHT BE IN CLEVELAND, where her mother lives????  Sami figured it out days ago; why couldn't Brady?  Good God man, do you enjoy looking like an idiot?  And they call my Lucas a 'dufus.'