Straight Jackets & Padded Cells

Do they put people in straight jackets in sanitariums these days? And padded rooms as well?
Unless someone is a threat to the staff, other patients or themselves, they I don't believe
show them into a padded room like that.
To shove Hattie (Marlena) into that room because she swears she is Marlena is as ludicrous
as the writing we are getting. And the same for John as well, just throw him into a room with
a straight jacket. And why would staff allow an outsider to stay in there anyway. They should
have called police that he had somehow gotten into a forbidden room.
Who is coming to feed them by the way? Never see any food trays and how could they
eat anyway with a straight jacket on?
I hope this storyline is short and sweet (hardly sweet). Since it appears Anjelica is going
to die, what will Hattie and Bonnie do now as they will have no directions from their "boss."
We have been down this impersonation road before with Samantha, Marlena's evil twin sister
who had her in an institution given shock treatments and drugged it memory serves me well.
I long for the good old Days literally. It was silly at times, but more watchable because of the
variety in plot and execution of plot. I have been watching the show since the 1960's and while a
soap opera must change with the times, logic should also be a part of the overall plot.