I love that they DO NOT write Gabi and Abby as two catty bitches.  It's cute that they can be friends - vs. mortal enemies over a man.  Nice change of pace. 

I hope they put Gabi with Eli - I have ZERO interest in her with JJ or his facial hair.  LOL

LOL @ Jen to Kate...  "mother to mother."  Hey Jen - your children are GROWN!!!  G R O W N!.  Please - go get a haircut, pick out an age approriate outfit and go run the Spectator lol

LMAO @ Sonny & Chad w/the Tuxedo dude.  HYSTERICAL.  You can tell they are good friends in real life. 

The way Lucas described the Adrienne love story made me crack up - was that even that long?  SMH....  And I might be in the mintory - but I love drunk Lucas.  Provides a lil comic relief.  

So I thought at the end of Friday that Lucas "thought he saw Will" and that he really did but wouldn't realize that as he was drunk.  NOW I think it was a hallucination BUT I don't think that's it.  Chandler is back back - I'm hoping Will comes back to stop the wedding.  But WOW - Welcome back Chandler.  LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!