Where do I begin?!?

WOW - what a great FEW episodes.  Wed (the bachelor/bachelorette parties), Thur (the prep) & Friday (the Wedding.)  ALL SO GOOD!!!     Maybe it's me - but the writing the past few days has been MUCH better.  

I love the looks all the loved ones gave each other at the wedding.  Loved how Hope looked at Claire when she mentioned loving Theo (oh Cierra - where are you?  LOL)

Enjoying the Kate/Andre scenes - like that they patched up Steve & Kayla (pun intended.)  Like how we get to see Gabi go thru the emotions.  Like that there is no Tripp (like him and the actor but needed a break.)    You can tell how much fun Billy has playing Chad - and how he must love Freddie in real life like a brother too.  

Enjoyed how the wedding wasn't rushed - and that it was the WHOLE episode.  The Friday cliffhanger - the whole "mysterious" person escaping Bayview.   

Now I think we got hallucination Will (before he really does come back) to throw us off and make us think all this time it's Will coming back and not you know who. 

Mostly I think the past three days have been SO enjoyable b/c there was no Nic and Eric LOL   

Oh - and I hated Abby's dress but her hair/makeup was great!