Today - Few Observations... And a question.

-  Happy to see Kassie back but LAWD did we have to bring back her "theme music?"  LOL  Didn't mind the newly created flashbacks.  They almost seemed authentic.  Well done writers.   Ron has done a great job of cleaning up the prior SL's and retooling w/new flashbacks.  

-  Victor's one ilners just never get old. 

-  I've finally accepted Marci as Abby.   Even though I was team Chad & Gabi I'm okay with Chad & Abby now.  I just want Gabi to have something to do (not sure if Eli is it yet.  Jury is still out.) 

-  I love Theo (will be sorry to see him go) and his interactions with Kate (telling her everything is an emergency lol.)  Would love to see DOOL soft pedal a business angle.   Kate running DiMera - Vivian running Titan or something.  Bitch vs. Bitch.  Similar to how Dynasty did it (ColbyCo vs. Denver Carrington.)  That keeps them at odd (always loved their rivalry) but "matures" them as well.  

-  Elvis was the dude Samantha had sex with on the last episode of Season 2 in SATC.  She called him "Mr Too Big."  He's aged well. 

-  Claire Claire Claire.  PLEASE eat a sandwich.  I can see your neck bones.  Though I do like her scenes with Tripp (and they have good chemistry.)  What happens w/Cierra coming back though and Theo leaving?  Liked the very honest chat about Autism b/t them too - very REAL.  

-  Never change Sami - NEVER change!!!

Side note - why was Ron let go from GH?  I'm totally digging his work - and looking forward to some more of his returns?  What was his downfall on GH?   What SL's were so bad that he was let go?  I don't watch GH but my Mom does.