Just a couple of thoughts

 First of all, the writing and acting for JJ’s scenes the past few days has been outstanding! I was in tears and really felt for him. I was also glad to see Gabi come and convince him not to do it and to get help. Very powerful writing for this holiday season when suicides increase. I hope it helped someone. 

Second, who didn’t see Lani and Eli hooking up? The door to JJ’s room wasn’t even shut! I was disappointed that Lani ran to Eli and said JJ was undressed. He had a t-shirt and shorts on. Just a theory not a spoiler, Eli and Lani will quickly find out what almost happened and thoroughly regret and work hard to hide their secret.

Lastly, I really loved the scene with Abe and Jennifer. Those two show what experienced actors they are when given the opportunity. I hope Abe comes to his senses soon.