So.. (Few thoughts....)

 One - notice how Abby made it a point to tell Chad "the night we found out I killed Andre we made love and you didn't seem yourself."  Did we see that on screen?  I don't recall it.  What a great way to do a "who's the daddy" SL (insert eye roll here.)

Two - anyone get a glimpse of the plastic baby when Lani and Eli were talking?  The actress who plays Lani cries well - i'll give her that.

Third - Why does DOOL insist on trying to give us a Sami Brady sequel?!  Chelsea.... Teresa..... none of these characters are characters you LOVE to hate.  You either just hate em OR they're just there.  I enjoy Theresa but I don't root for her the way I rooted for Sami (even tho Sami was supposed to be a vixen/villainess.)  I dunno if it's the writing (cuz y'all know I love me some JER SL's) or just that Ali was/is SO good as Sami.  Hmm?!?